How to Apply

After checking the list of planned seminars, refer to this page to prepare your Summer Seminars application. Note that participation is free. IES and its partners provide housing and meals during the seminar. Travel expenses are not covered.

Overview of the application process - Please Read Carefully! 

The application process is twofold.


(1) - New to IES? Create an account.

Click on "My IES".

If it's the first time you're applying to IES click on "Register". Follow the procedure and enter the required information and your picture. Make sure you have an ID type picture (face) of yourself ready in jpg format. Its size must not exceed 400 Kb and must have a width to height ratio of 3 x 4. 

Submit and then you will receive an email with your log in and password (If not, please check your spam folder).


(2) - Already have an account? Login and apply!

You will have to go back to "My IES" with your log in and password. This is the second phase. Click on "Select your seminar". You will be asked to write 4 "essays".

Here are the questions:

(a) What are your reasons for wanting to attend the seminar? (150 words)
(b) What are your plans for the next two years academically or otherwise? What about your long term plans. Be sure to indicate what undergraduate and/or graduate degrees you are earning and how you intend use them in developing your career. Be as specific as possible. (300 words)
(c) What are your intellectual influences? (150 words)
(d) Discuss this text. (300 words)

Don't forget to check the box "I want to apply to this year's seminars"!


Because of "time-out" problems during the submission of long documents, write your essays BEFORE with a text editor (Word, Notepad etc.) and THEN copy / paste them in the appropriate field. Submit.

A message in green at the top of the page says "Thank you for submitting your application!".  


- Personal essays MUST be of the required number of words more or less 10 %.
- Essays MUST be personal and are systematicaly checked. 
Copy-pasted material from the Internet will lead to the immediate, irrevocable rejection of your application.