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The rise of nationalist socialism in France

Marine_le_penAntiliberalism, anticapitalism, antiglobalizalisation: the nationalist party of Marine Le Pen in France is no longer "just" an extreme right party. It in fact synthezises all protectionist, paternatist and phobic propositions of the French political spectrum. The new "workers' party" borrows from islamophobia and ant-immigration on the right to big welfare state, corporatist statuses and generous welfare rights on the left. See Madeline Grant's article in NewsWeek with an interview of Emmanuel Martin, as well as this article by Emmanuel Martin on the issue, after the European elections.

IES-Europe: 25 years nurturing freedom..

The EU: a catalyst for economic freedom?

Naumann Foundation for Freedom - EU catalyst for economic freedomIn its latest publication, the Naumann Foundation for Freedom asks to what extent the EU is a catalyst for economic freedom. The original European project was an economic liberation between countries, so that peaceful exchange would replace war. A few decades later, where has become of economic freedom? The chapter on "deep institutions" of France and their potential conflict with economic freedom was produced by our director Emmanuel Martin.

Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)

Peace, Love & Liberty

PLLThis is THE book, Peace, Love & Liberty, edited by Tom Palmer. It'll maybe change your vision of the world forever. You can get a free download at Students For Liberty. Our director Emmanuel Martin has a nice chapter on the economics of prosperity of Jean-Baptiste Say in it.

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