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Leonard Liggio (1933-2014) RIP

We are sorry to report that Leonard Liggio (1933-2014) passed away on October 14, 2014. Our friend Leonard was instrumental in launching the Institute for Humane Studies - Europe, which is now the Institute for Economic Studies Europe, and of which he was a board member. His role in the spreading of the liberty movement in Europe has been absolutely crucial, helping to create the network of liberal intellectuals. As a historian, he had the "big picture" - of the civilizing effects of liberty - clearly in mind and also knew the small details of the story of many kings and intellectuals. He was a "walking encyclopedia". Always kind, humble, modest, always smiling and always ready to spend time with students to advise them on readings and authors. The world has lost a hero of liberty.

IES-Europe: 25 years nurturing freedom..

What Piketty Misses

Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, is a global best seller that has attracted more reviews from academics and public intellectuals than any other economics book in recent memory. In the middle of May, Google showed an astounding 12.5 million entries about Piketty and his work.

John Blundell 1952-1964

Liberty in Turkey: Past and Present

While covering demonstrations in Istanbul recently to mark the anniversary of the Gezi protests, correspondent Ivan Watson was shoved, kicked, and briefly detained during a live broadcast on CNN International. Unfortunately this illustrates all too well the deterioration of civil liberties in Turkey over the past year.

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