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2015 Seminars: Gummersbach

Events & in the Media

Emmanuel Martin on French "Reforms" for Il Foglio, October 6, 2015.

Pierre Garello was ESFL's guest to give a talk on the refugees' crisis, in Aix-en-Provence, October 8.

Emmanuel Martin on French Labor Relations Reform for Geopolitical Information Service (long version - behind paywall) and short version.

Emmanuel Martin quoted on regulation and exclusion of migrants in the Christian Science Monitor.

Emmanuel Martin on state capitalism and the Areva debacle for Geopolitical Information Service (long version - behind paywall) and short version.

Emmanuel Martin on the latest French growth figures.


Rock and Roll Economics


 We take it for granted. That sound. You know, that guitar sound. That guitar sound you hear with the first notes of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall’s rythmic. Or Jimi Hendrix’s Hey Joe. Or Eric Clapton’s Cocaine. Or that magic solo sound on Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing. Oh, and Funk music. Yes Funk music you know, like Nile Rogers on Get lucky. So, maybe you know it but you don’t actually realize where it comes from. In fact, any idea where, not only that sound, but also Rock 'n' Roll comes from? Well, economics can help a bit. And, guess what: it has a lot to do with freedom too. And... it's not only about rock 'n' roll. Want to know more? Make sure to apply to our seminars: you'll learn a good deal about the music that's defined our times for 60 years and... so much more.

The problem with state capitalism

areva2Emmanuel Martin gives his view on state capitalism, using the example of Areva.
Light version.
Long version.

Conference in Paris - April 23


France : The Return of Growth?

Is France condemned to sluggish growth and unemployment? Have decline and "déclinisme" become an unsurpassable horizon? We can doubt it. The hexagon has key strengths to restart growth with an underestimated potential Obviously, a change of vision in economic governance is needed to initiate such an effort. In what direction? Business men, academics and French and international experts will share their point of view.

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