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Europe & Liberty - Summer Seminars


Application deadline : May 1st , 2016


quote-icon     I cannot think of any other intellectual experience as eye opening and intellectually challenging as those two IES summer seminars I took part in. They allowed me to meet top scholars from several countries, learn more than I ever thought possible in one single week and make new great friends with whom I am still in touch. IES seminars affected my intellectual interests and career decisions in such a decisive  way that it is hard to   acknowledge in a few lines. And yes, they were great fun too!    quote-icon_copie

Stefano Adamo (Italy)


Dates & Locations

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109-External-512 Aix-en-Provence, France (IES Summer University) / July 06th - 09th, 2016

109-External-512 Gummersbach, Germany / July 24th - 30th , 2016

109-External-512 Bansko, Bulgaria / July 31st - August 06th , 2016


109-External-512 Bakuriani, Georgia / July 18th - 23rd, 2016

(The application process for this seminar is handled by our partners at the New Economic School of Georgia. If you are interested please contact us at contact [at] - 'Bakuriani, Georgia' in the email subject)

109-External-512 Sibiu, Romania / September 20th - 25th, 2016


quote-icon    I have been an IES participant for two consecutive years, in Leuven and Gummersbach and both seminars have impacted my academic and personal life significantly. First of all, I have enjoyed excellent lectures on classical liberal issues like property rights, individual responsibility and the free market which have done more to shape and clarify the way I analyze everyday political and social issues than most of the lectures from University. Second of all, I have been introduced to a network of free minded people coming from different backgrounds and from different continents which has opened new professional and academic possibilities: internships, other summer seminars and even graduate programs.     quote-icon_copie

Catinca Hanganu (Romania)


What Participants Say

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