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Europe & Liberty Summer Seminars 2016

E_LInterested in exploring the ideas of Liberty? Spending a week of great experiences, intercultural exchanges, discussing and thinking about freedom, learning from top professors and making new friends from all over the world ?

IES Europe offers you an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas and explore them with insights from our faculty into the study of history, economics and philosphy! Join us and deepen your understanding of ideas that allow humans to flourish and prosper. Participation is free ! IES-Europe covers seminar tuition, housing, meals. Participants only pay for their own travel. 

Conference in Paris - May 10

FMRS2016_Notext2The French like to complain about their situation while being convinced that the French social model remains the best in the world. Streer demonstrations, strikes and the likes are overwhelmingly to require that nothing be changed to the system ... Lately, however, it seems that the views are changing. People wonder increasingly whether our system is indeed the best? May be lines need to be moved? But isn’t it too late?  

Taking advantage of the visit to Paris of prestigious speakers from the Free-Market Road Show, several French Liberal think tanks are organizing a debate Tuesday morning, May 10.  The general  theme is: "Tout est encore possible: the path to prosperity "  

To regain prosperity and social harmony we need to restore people's dignity which presupposes both that they be responsible for their choices, but also to put down the barrieres to the use and development of their talents and imagination. We must choose market solutions, not as a stopgap, but as an area of ​​freedom, responsibility and cooperation. And convince our leaders—or find new leaders—able to carry that message convincingly.

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