IES-Europe 2020 Summer Seminars – POSTPONED

Dear alumni, dear students, dear friends,

We have taken the decision at IES-Europe to postpone our 2020 Summer seminars. This is the reason why, although Spring is already well advanced, you do not find any page to apply for our summer programs.

This is a pity! Because what we are in need for to strike down that damned virus and put our economies back on their feet is a society of free and responsible individuals cooperating together. And this is why, today more than ever, we would like to gather to work on the best way to convince our fellow citizens that it is about time to adopt — or, in some countries, just strengthen — the belief in sound principles such as tolerance, respect due to others and to their property, responsibility and a State that step in only where it is an absolute necessity to do so.

But we must be reasonable. In many European countries it is not clear at that point if we will be allowed to fly abroad this summer and if and when hotels and restaurants will re-open and if we will be allowed to have meeting of thirty people and more.

Our friends in Germany, in Georgia and elsewhere are ready to resume our programs as soon as the horizon is sufficiently clear to make plans and we are impatient to celebrate with our friends in Gummersbach 25 years of a very fruitful cooperation. We will! As soon as a window will open, we will invite you to register to our events!

Meanwhile, we have decided to offer you some compensation! Next week we will start a series of live on-line interview with IES faculty members. So be ready to connect every coming Thursday at 7 pm CET as our friends will share their analysis of the situation and the lessons which, they believe can be drawn from this terrible situation.

For a better and a freer tomorrow.

Take good care,

Christian, Diana and Pierre