David Lisnard
mayor of Cannes and President of the French Mayors' Association
Emilio Ocampo
Professor of Finance and Economic History
Syed Kamall
Member of the House of Lords, Professor, Former MEP, Former British Minister
Syed Kamall is a Conservative Member of the House of Lords. He is also a Professor of Politics and International Relations at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.
Gabriel Calzada
Professor of Economics
Terry Kibbe
Chief Executive Officer
Terry Kibbe is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Free the People
Matthew Lesh
Director of Public Policy and Communications
Matthew Lesh is the Director of Public Policy and Communications at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He writes research papers on a range of topics and is a regular commentator on television and radio, a columnist for London’s CityAM newspaper, and has contributed to The Times, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian and The Spectator. He also hosts the IEA’s weekly podcast.
Constantinos Saravakos
Head of Research
Constantinos Saravakos is a PhD candidate of International and European Studies at the University of Macedonia. His main research interests include regulation, political economy (poverty, inequality and prosperity) and political parties (democracy, populism and political behaviour).
Carlo Stagnaro
Research Director
Sanford Ikeda
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Sanford Ikeda is an expert on the economy of cities, taking an Austrian School approach to the subject. He is the author of Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism (London: Routledge, 1997) as well as articles in the Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Economics and Humane Studies, American Journal of Economics & Sociology, Cosmos + Taxis, the Review of Austrian Economics, and the Independent Review, Forbes, and others.
Alain Bertaud
Urbanist, Senior Research Scholar
Alain Bertaud is an urbanist and, since 2012, a senior research scholar at the NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management. He just completed writing a book about urban planning that is titled “Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities“. This book has been published by MIT Press in November 2018. Bertaud previously held the position of principal urban planner at the World Bank. After retiring from the Bank in 1999, he worked as an independent consultant. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked as a resident urban planner in a number of cities around the world: Bangkok, San Salvador (El Salvador), Port Au Prince (Haiti), Sana’a (Yemen), New York, Paris, Tlemcen (Algeria), and Chandigarh (India).