LibertyCon 2019

What is LibertyCon?

LibertyCon is an international conference. It’s the perfect place to meet pro-liberty students and young professionals from all over the world.

The biggest event of its kind in Europe.

At LibertyCon, you will meet extraordinary speakers who are changing the world across all sectors — academia, business, crypto, investing, journalism, nonprofits, and policy. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Tom G. Palmer and Lawrence W. Reed will be only a few of the big names speaking at LibertyCon.

LibertyCon, is taking place on April 5-7 in the stunning city of Belgrade, Serbia! Tickets are already on sale at Kolarac Concert Hall and if you happen to be in Belgrade, you can get yours for just 1000 RSD. You can also register online for the Early Bird price until February 1st!

Registration includes meals for three days, socials with free drinks and a certificate.