Opportunities for Students – PERC

Applications are open, and we will begin app review on February 15, 2020. Applications are accepted until candidates are chosen
Graduate Fellowship 
This is a program for graduate students (including Ph.D., Master’s, and JD), to work on their dissertation or thesis and write a paper under the mentorship of a PERC senior fellow. We are looking for students working on a well-defined empirical natural resource or environmental economics topic. A monthly stipend is provided as well as travel expenses.
“PERC’s Graduate Fellowship has been extremely valuable in opening me up to other research and like-minded professionals that have been valuable in my growth. I am extremely grateful for everything PERC does. My mentors have exceeded my expectations and the Program Director has done an amazing job choosing mentors and providing mentorship of his own.”– 2019 Graduate Student
Applications due March 1, 2020Student Summit – This program is designed for undergraduate students who want to take a rigorous look at how markets and property rights enhance conservation. Students will interact with experts in the field and have the opportunity to explore Montana’s Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
“By taking a stance on free market environmentalism, PERC has crafted a unique program to reach out to others and teach them that there are a variety of solutions when tackling issues in the environment. To say that the program widened my perspective would be an understatement.”
2019 Student Summit Participant